Banking and the world of finance are rarely out of the headlines these days, usually for less than positive reasons. Quakers worldwide are involved in many projects to change and influence the way the finance industry works, and that includes us here at the Quakers and Business Group in the United Kingdom.

We are forming a Quaker Bank.

To start with, we hope to promote ‘peer lending’ with some Quakerly emphases. We also hope to introduce lenders to borrowers; perhaps Quaker Meetings to Quaker businesses, as well as carefully checking that the borrowers are safe people to lend to. And we will try our best to fulfil the hope that in due course people will be able to have their own personal bank account with the Quaker Bank. To run a bank of this nature requires a lot of funding, investment and a huge amount of regulation. To get to that point we need to start somewhere that will allow us to grow to a size where entering the world of the High Street bank is viable both financially and commercially. We will not lose sight of that goal as we are well aware of the interest and support for such an idea.

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