We have a long tradition of respect for all those working with us, treating them as equals. In the past, this took the form of providing decent housing, education for workers and their families, anti-slavery campaigns, giving pensions and minimum wages. Friends should reflect on what is the equivalent today for their workplace. Are more ‘equal’ ownership and pay models appropriate now?

2.01 All of us are disabled in some way and we all need measures to enable us to contribute better to the common cause. Friends should consider how they might liberate those over whom they have power, rather than dominate them. For example, instead of company controlled ‘perks’ and ‘expenses’, should we be offering higher salaries to free employees to make their own choices of car, pension, etc.? Such a policy would also avoid criticism about tax avoidance.

2.02 Earlier Quakers in their conviction that all are equal refused to pay outward respect to worldly authority, for example refusing to doff their hat to judges. Today, are we too careful to ingratiate ourselves with powerful people in business? What is the equivalent today - do we rise from our seats for the boss but not their assistant?

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