One name for the Society of Friends called Quakers is ‘The Religious Society of Friends of the Truth’.

1.01 Friends might consider whether they should ‘speak truth to power’, meaning that where they find abuse of power in business and the workplace, they should speak the truth about it to those in power.

1.02 Speaking the truth in business includes honesty in all our dealings. We have a long tradition of making every effort to keep the promises we make, including on price, delivery or quality.

1.03 Some of our forebears regarded initially offering a higher price and intending to offer a discount if pressed as a form of deception, and therefore lying, to the customer: they pioneered fixed prices in their shops. Our prices must not be deceptive.

1.04 If we promise to pay at 30 days, intending to pay at 60 days, is this also a form of lying? Is it more friendly to the truth to openly negotiate 60 days and keep to it?

1.05 As Friends of the Truth, we speak plainly, that is, in a business context not using devious language to mislead or confuse about our products, services or in any of our business dealings.

1.06 We are not afraid to affirm the truth that profit is necessary for survival and reinvestment, permits better conditions for workers and suppliers, and provides taxes for the common good.

1.07 Light

As Friends of the Truth we stand in the Light. In our business and workplace, are we afraid to be seen in the Light? Transparency is a modern name for a traditional Quaker characteristic.

1.07.1 Is our product or purpose in business valid if brought to the light?

1.07.2 Should tax planning of our affairs be accompanied by complete transparency to the State, and be modified to what is just and fair to other tax payers?

1.07.3 In today’s climate, should we make public what we and our colleagues are paid?

Quakers and Business is a charitable incorporated organisation in England and Wales No. 1157008 at 21 Papillons Walk, London SE3 9SF Quakers and Business Group is a Quaker Recognised Body in Britain (BYM).
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