Hostile Work Environment 

A video produced by 
Milo Kirk

Script and direction
Sam Carty

Production Runner/Design
Ines Osh   

Q&B is sponsoring a team of three young people aged between 18 - 24  to make a video on workplace behaviour that Q&B will use to stimulate discussion about ethical behaviour in the workplace.

Ethos VO (valuable outcomes) Ltd's Young Leader programme is a government funded scheme to help young people to get started on their career.

Ethos and the video team will do the work and provide the  equipment and facilities. Q&B’s sponsorship will supplement the government funding, provide the project and supervise the project process.

This is an innovative pilot project for Q&B which will test 

  • Partnering with another organisation.
  • Producing a video (different from recording a lecture or seminar).
  • The concept of making and using a video to teach ethical behaviour.
  1. We can show the charity Commissioners that we are spending money and doing things for the benefit of our members.
  2. Working with Ethos we are helping three of their young leaders on a government initiative to find work and establish their careers.
  3. Q&B gains experience working in a business partnership. (In this case there are contractual legal issues of copyright to be managed as well as normal business relationships and project management matters)

Q&B has signed a partnership with Ethos to produce the video at a budget cost of £2000.

Quakers and Business is a charitable incorporated organisation in England and Wales No. 1157008 at 21 Papillons Walk, London SE3 9SF Quakers and Business Group is a Quaker Recognised Body in Britain (BYM).
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