Q&B is seeking a new Clerk from July 2024 to take it into a period of opportunity as a new project emerges to establish a Quaker Credit Union.  

If you are an experienced business person, workplace leader or senior manager, this is an opportunity to take your leadership and management skills to a new level.


Q&B is a registered charity and Quaker-recognised body committed to advancing Quaker values in business, finance and the workplace. 

Under the guidance and commitment of a group of members, our self-governing group has survived the Covid pandemic and the dramatic change in the economic and business world in recent years.

Most of our officers and role-holders are reaching the end of their term of service. There exists an opportunity for a new group to reassess and redirect Q&B. The role of the clerk will be critical in managing the discernment process.


To engage with the ongoing challenge of integrating Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and sustainability into the traditional governance and conduct of business.

To help businesses operate with a moral compass and to develop a sense of social responsibility.

To learn, practice and promote the Quaker practice of discernment known as the Quaker Business Method.  

Who we are 

Q&B is a 25-year-old Quaker-recognised membership organisation. We are a non-hierarchical organisation run on Quaker lines by and for our members. Our success depends on members' voluntary commitment, expertise and vision. Around a third of Q&B members are committed Quakers.

Some of Q&B’s Past Achievements

  • Our book, Good Business: Ethics at Work, first published in 2000, has run through 3 editions and an audiobook. It is available online in English and several foreign languages following demand from around the globe.
  • Our UK-based group inspired the creation of an American sister Q&B organisation.
  • We have hosted several annual conferences on topics related to ethics in business.
  • We are supporting two doctoral students researching the history and impact of Quaker business practices on Quakerism and the wider world.
  • We host twice weekly online support groups for members and can arrange spiritual accompaniment and mentorship. 

Our spin-off organisations include:

  • The Tim Field Foundation, counteracting bullying in the workplace.
  • Restoring Relations, taking a positive approach to community conflicts.
  • Just Algorithms Action Group, addressing the ethics of computer systems.
  • A Quaker Credit Union is in the early stages of development. 

How to apply 

To download the job specification and apply online using our application form, please visit this page    Get Involved 

Alternatively,  you are welcome to email [email protected] to ask for more information. 

Quakers and Business is a charitable incorporated organisation in England and Wales No. 1157008 at 21 Papillons Walk, London SE3 9SF Quakers and Business Group is a Quaker Recognised Body in Britain (BYM).
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